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(Most clip art is available in various file formats and sizes from 4" to 8")

Clip Art List #1 Free Country Cuties clip art
Clip Art List #2  Animals, Fantasy, Awards, Fashion & Accessories, Bars & Buttons, Fish & Sea Life, Buildings, Flags, Calendar & Seasons, Scenery, Cartoons, Greeting Cards, Computer, Holiday & Special Occasion, Country-Specific, Home, Designs, Florals, Faith & Religious, More Flowers
Clip Art List #3 African Art, Japanese Art, Aircraft, Equipment, Butterflies, Games, Birds, Music, Medieval, Money, Medieval Designs, Transportation, People, Space, Environment, Plants & Trees, Fire, Zodiac
Clip Art List #4 Architecture (houses, churches, castles, windmill), Orient and The East, Photos (golfer, baby, penny, train, sailboat, flowers, skier, female model, car, computer, beach, sunset)
Clip Art List #5  People, Cartoons and Miscellaneous  (girls, women, men, clown, artist, ballet shoes, cook, doorman, mailman, etc.)
Clip Art List #6 More Country Cuties clip art
Clip Art List #7 More Country Cuties clip art, country backgrounds and frames
Clip Art List #8 Water animals (dolphin, whale, octopus, triton, seal, snail), wild animals (antelope, buck, beaver, cougar, elk, giraffe, kangaroo, leopard, elephant, bobcat, fawn, gorilla, koala bear, lion),  domestic animals (dogs, puppy, cats), farm animals (cow, llama, pig, calf, horses, goat, sheep), fish.
Clip Art List #9 Musicians, Musical Instruments (guitar, keyboard, piano, saxophone, bagpipe, accordion, drum, banjo, horns, trombone, trumpet, violin), Musical Equipment (microphone, jukebox, speaker), Musical Symbols, Leisure Activities (boating, gambling, binoculars, tether ball, kite, car rally, roller coaster, merry-go-round, tent, yo-yo, masks, marbles, newspaper, film)
Clip Art List #10 Hobbies & Games (camera, palette, camcorder, film, easel, telescope, cue balls, billiard table, bowling alley, checkers, chess, dart board, dice, hand ball, pin ball, slot machine, roulette), Running & Jogging, Biking & Cycling, Boxing, Gymnastics & Fitness, Weight Lifting & Body Building
Clip Art List #11 Dance & Aerobics, Fashion Accessories (back pack, hats, eye glasses, crown, shoes, ring), Clothing, Flowers, Christmas (Santa, Christmas trees, wreath, bell, gift, stocking, church, candle)
Clip Art List #12 Antique Christmas Watermark Art, CARTOONS (jester, alien, guitar player, car, clown car, doctor, frog, boy, man, mole, pig, plane, shark, rabbit, radio, strong man, turkey, scuba diver, robot, astronaut, pigeon, magician, cowboy, business man)
Clip Art List #13 3-dimensional clip art, realistic clip art (coffee cup, house, pedestal, B-52, 757 jet, pay phone, lipstick, crocodile, duck, snail, telescope, accordion, harmonica, trombone, magnifying glass, bike helmet, dart board, football, frisbee, megaphone, speed boat, flash light, 4X4, chain saw, Mack truck, snowmobile, explosive device, lunch box, gazebo, helicopter, airplane, telephone, tractor, cement mixer, dragon fly, fly, tarantula, battery, weather vane, boom box, electric guitar, snare drum, calculator, pencil, slide projector, ten-speed bike, boat, diving helmet, dune buggy, race car, ice skating shoe, softball, surfboard, fire extinguisher, wheelbarrow, old car, school bus, liberty bell)
Clip Art List #14 3-dimensional clip art, realistic clip art (lamps, airplane, chess board, furniture, tea pot, balloon, helicopter, key, microwave, piggy bank, rubber duck, sink, stereo, telephone, ice cream, axe, paint roller, vice, snake, eagle, cougar, crab, butterfly, dogs, shell, turtle, fish, masks, clover, tree, smiley faces, strawberry, apple)
Cartoons and Funny People (garbage man, gas fill up, bartender, chef, doorman, taxi driver, cocktail server, people arguing, strange bedfellows, man in briefs, clown on bull, delivery man, funny woman)
Clip Art List #15 Cartoons and Funny People, Animals (tennis player, Confucius, brat, kids, kids playing, drinker, angel, angry man, men arm wrestling, baby, time clock, baby bird, bear, beaver, cat, caterpillar, chick, chicken, dog, cow, anemone, cone, walrus, sea shell, butterfly, etc.)
Clip Art List #16 Cartoons and Miscellaneous Clip Art (dinosaur, bumble bee, ladybug, bugs, spiders, worms, termite, spider web, parrot, toucan, cat, birds, owl, angel, rooster, clown, mother, mobster, hula dancer, kids, signs, babies, pumpkin, pioneer woman, witch, money, house, jungle, mountains, beach, ocean, bowling alley, dancers, water lilies, florish, stained glass, trophy, gold medal, hand shake, crests, globes, world, cantaloupe, apples, fruit, etc.)
Clip Art List #17 Cartoons and Miscellaneous Clip Art (flying saucer, lunar module, martian, sky lab, astronaut, space men, outer space, rockets, satellites, space shuttles, control tower, plane crash, prop planes, fun planes, jet, bomber, helicopter, mushroom, house, dogs, heavy equipment, logging, server, hearts, funny dogs and cats, puppy, snow bear, cherry blossom, flower, recycling, juggler, tree-hugger, etc.)
Clip Art List #18 Medical Equipment, Medical Illustrations, Health, Anatomy, Human Body (chest, rib cage, skull, skeleton, scapula, vertebrae, heart, digestive system, kidney, eye, muscles, head, bladder, brain, coronary, inner ear, eye, gland, lungs, liver, stomach, larynx, baby in womb, larynx, fetus, embryo, female organs, sperm, egg, cpr, mortar & pestal, pharmacy, ambulance, blood pressure, drugs, nurse cap, syringe, gloves, drugs, eye chart, hammer, hypodermic needle, monitor, medical tape, organs,  microscope, scalpel, otoscope, oxygen tank, optical scope, mask, stethoscope, wheelchair, ultrasound, thermometer, medical alert, 911, first aid, etc.)
Clip Art List #19 Shapes: Arrows, Stars, Boxes, Triangles, Pyramids (a variety of colorful shapes that can be used as backgrounds for text, etc.)
Clip Art List #20 Animated Clip Art, Silly Clip Art, Caricatures, Funny Faces, Humorous & Fantasy (mouth talking, bear walking, fish swimming, dog with wagging ears, bird landing, girl blinking, cloud raining, lips, eye, Bilco, silly guys, Cosby, dolly pardon, rock star, Oprah, Beatles, John Wayne, Schwartzenager, mouse, angry man, gals, jack-o-lantern, funny faces, happy faces, girls, happy guy, crazy woman, dragon, serpent, girl, maiden, kitty, boy, frog prince, crystal ball, treasure chest, etc.)
Clip Art List #21 Indoor & Outdoor Scenes, Travel & Buildings (window, city block, stairs, houses, cabin, mountain scene, neighborhood, sky scraper, Victorian, city, university, office block, skyline, inn, desert, archway, palace, castle, waterfront, mountainside, beach, desert isle, suitcase, suntan, tour guide, tourist, trailer, livingroom, passport, tent, luggage, farm scene, lake, bridge, sunset, sailing, sand castle, coastline, tropical, Big Ben, coliseum, tower, pyramids, etc.)
Clip Art List #22 Aircraft Clip Art (airplanes, cartoon airplanes, jets, balloons, blimps, helicopters)
Charts & Billboards (bar charts, dollar charts, pie charts, etc.)
Mail & Email Clip Art (postal clip art, mailboxes, letters, packages, email word art)
Web Word Art (Welcome, Contact Us, Email, Thank You For Visiting, Sign Up, Log In, Log Out, Free, Check Back Often, etc.)
Clip Art List #23 People, Clowns, Business People, Families, Women, Men, dancers, etc.
Clip Art List #24 Birds & Fowl (rooster, chicken, chick, hen, turkey, partridge, peacock, pigeon, pheasant, woodpecker, bluebird, oriole, parrot, cardinal, parakeet, song bird, wren, sparrow, goose, grebe, crane, mallard, penguin, swan, duckling, bald eagle, falcon, etc. )
Clip Art List #25 Food & Fruit (biscuit, muffin, bread, cheese, ice cream, cheese cake, pie, cookies, rolls, pudding, wine, beer, soda, coffee, cocoa, drinks, juice, apple, banana, avocado, melon, cherries, pear, grapes, peach, pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, orange, plum, raspberry, fries, hamburger, hot dog, meat, ham, salami, etc.)
Clip Art List #26 Food & Vegetables (soup, catsup, flour, donuts, kabob, fast food, jam, barbeque, breakfast, cereal, pancake, supper, vegetables, food groups, egg, groceries, picnic, potato, sandwich, salt, sub, taco, mustard, peanut butter, peppermill, pizza, pepper, pretzel, surf & turf, sushi, waffle, spaghetti, asparagus, artichoke, beet, tomato, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, celery, chili pepper, corn, cucumber, egg plant, pepper, green pepper, garlic, lettuce, onion, mushroom, olive, etc.)
Clip Art List #27 Industry, Tools, Workers (List #1) (equipment, auto mechanic, backsaw, blueprint, body worker, bowsaw, bulldozer, carpenter, chalkline, chisel, clamp, compressor, construction sign, crane, draftsman, dump truck, electrician, exacto knife, foreman, forklift, grader, hacksaw, hammer, i-beam, inspector, line worker, loader, logger, mallet, mason, mixer, pliers, oil fire, oil platform, paint brush, pick, plumber, press, putty knife, razor knife, roofer, saw, screwdriver, shovel, socket, stapler, striker, tractor, truck, vice, welder, wood cutter, etc.)
Clip Art List #28 Industry, Tools, Workers (List #2) (chainsaw, workers, wrench, circular saw, drill, drill stand, drill press, electric sander, jigsaw, orbital sander, router, solder gun, soldering iron, table saw, hand shovel, garden hose, lawn rake, lawn mowers, watering cans, planting scene, shears, spreader, sprinkler, trimmer, wheelbarrow, whisk broom, wire brush, camping gear, building wall, work bench, tool box, work light, trowel, bench saw, anvil, floor jack, grinder, grouter, jack, ladder, recycle bin, engineer tools, gear, airbag dummy, gauge, fire extinguishers, fire trucks, fire alarm, jaws of life, smoke alarm, equipment, etc.)
Clip Art List #29 Word Art, Attention Grabbers, Signs (don't forget, flash, vote, extra, announcing, listen up, bulletin board, air ad, billboard, headliners, scroll, news flash, hand note, hand pointing, hand out, ballot, hand waving, okay, finger string, rejected, confidential, hand stamping, uncle sam hand, peace sign, wrist watch, hand shake, thumbs up, bubble, burst, call out, a plus, excellent, abc, plus sign, division sign, minus sign, math signs, bear facts, no smoking, no food, hot surface, flags, cheerleader, frog thoughts, joker sign, kids sign, go team, read, school sign, blank signs, the end, etc.)
Word Art List #30 Create Your Own Word Art, Creative Alphabets, Numbers, Shapes, and Letters (cartoon alphabet, textured alphabet and numbers, sports alphabet and numbers, flames alphabet, shapes and numbers; ornate letters, cue ball numbers, fancy alphabet, plaid alphabet and numbers, script alphabet and numbers, US flag alphabet, shapes and numbers, etc.)
Clip Art List #31 Art & Shapes, Plants & Flowers, Antique Stamps, Foliage, Sunflowers, Butterflies, Trees & Bushes, Arrow Groups, Animated Arrows, Animated Attention Grabbers, Animated Scenes (moving school bus, country scene, moving sail boat, magic forest, bouncing ball, moving train, moving cycler, animated star, animated designs, blinking arrows, under construction sign, clip art packages, etc.)
Clip Art List #32 Frames, Animated Frames (Variety of shapes and colorful frames; frames packages, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, Commercial, etc.)
Clip Art List #33 Animated 3-D Word Art and Animated Creative Word Art (Commercial, attention-grabbers, other miscellaneous animated word art, etc.)
Clip Art List #34 Wallpaper Packages, Cute Animal Graphics (fat cat, blinking cat, cute dogs and puppies, pig, horse), Birds and Fowl (eagle, owl, vulture, bird nest, finch, king fish, ducks), Scenes, Borders and Frames (island scene, drape frame, flower and cherry frames, crest frames and arrow frame, etc.)
Clip Art List #35 Feathered Friends (love birds, chicks, owl, hen, etc.), More Country Cuties (teapot, lamp, submarine, putt putt car, baby buggy, duck), Colorful Easter Eggs, Fun Graphics (giraffe, angel, frog, turtle, pottery, rug, marimba, figures), Signs.
Music CD Labels Easy listening, children's music, rock, jazz, pop, hip hop, rap, classical, religious & holiday, country, rhythm & blues, soul, folk, miscellaneous
CD & DVD - Jewel Case Label Backgrounds variety of colorful backgrounds (4.25" x 4.25").  Can be used for any purpose.
Word Art List #1 Word art buttons, button sets (commercial and non-commercial), animated word art (flashing, moving and winking)
Word Art List #2 Commercial Word Art, Advertisements, 3-D Word Art, Animated Word Art, Empty Bursts, Attention Grabbers
Word Art List #3 Word Art for Web Sites, Commercial Word Art, 3-D Word Art, Attention Grabbers, Web Site Buttons

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